Sarah Brightman

Stránky věnované zpěvačce s nejkrásnějším hlasem Sarah Brightman.

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Encore (2001)

Encore (2001)


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1. Whitsle Down the Wind {From Whistle Down the Wind}
2. Away from You {From Rex}
3. Guardami (With One Look) {From Sunset Boulevard} [Italian Version]
4. Think of Me {From the Phantom of the Opera}
5. One More Walk the Around the Garden {From Carmelina}
6. Surrender {From Sunset Boulevard}
7. If I Ever Fall in Love Again {From the Crooked Mile}
8. Half a Moment {From Jeeves}
9. Piano (Memory) {From Cats} [Italian Version]
10. What More Do I Need {From Saturday Night}
11. There Is More to Love {From Aspects of Love}
12. Last Man in My Life {From Song and Dance}
13. In the Mandarin's Orchid Garden {From East Is West}
14. Nothing Like You've Ever Known {From Tell Me on a Sunday and Song and D
15. Chi il Bel Sogno Di Doretta {From la Rondine}


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